Finally it's the time to bring out the knit jumpers and cozy coats as someone that loves everything about f/w fashion I'm very stoked about this.

I've been on the look for the perfect oversized grey coat for ages and when I came across this one from Zara I couldn't pass it up. The fuzzy v-neck cream jumper is dreamy and so soft you could sleep in it and I wore my Topshop joni jeans which are amazingly comfortable also my Zara knee high suede boots which are sold out but honestly every store is coming out with their own versions this season so there are many alternatives. When I first saw that the bandana scarf trend was coming back I wasn't keen on the idea to be honest but since then it's grown on me, really loving this one from Mango. Also if I were to give my past self any advice it'd be buy a mini backpack asap”. It's life changing. Shop the look bellow!

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  1. Absolutely love this look! You're giving me tons of inspiration - the combination of the wrap coat and bandana is amazing :) xxx

    1. oops i've just seen this thank you darling xxx