Take Care Of Yourself


If you're like me getting caught up in responsibilities and getting stressed out about stuff happens pretty regularly. Whilst all that craziness is going on don't forget to take care of yourself. There are somethings I personally do to feel better and take time out of the day for myself only.

1. Take care of your skin;
If you are stressing out chances are your skin also will get affected by that. I love putting on a mask and listening to some music before i go to bed. Honestly it doesn't have to be very luxurious I LOVE sheet masks and those can be pretty inexpensive. Then follow your skincare routine if you don't have one try some products you've been curious about that's always nice to do and your skin is something that you should really take care of in general. Drink heaps of water. Never go to bed with makeup on. Don't touch your face when you're out and about if you haven't just washed your hands. etc etc. so yes here are some lovely products to help your skin.

2.Take a bath;
This is so relaxing but I don't get the time to do it frequently at all. I can't read whilst taking a bath either my books always end up getting wet how do some people do it? I might never find out. But I do love listening to music especially anything by Keaton Henson. Lush bath bombs what can I say they're amazing and magical but I also love bath oils. Don't forget to moisturize afterwards!

3.Treat yo self;
 Buy that one thing you've had your eye on since forever. You deserve it! In my case it would be checking off one of the things on my november wish-list so one of those pieces bellow. I think I might go for the ASOS Expectations boots or the Acne Canada Scarf in grey melange first!
4.Rearange your room;
Change the way your room is set up, maybe even add a couple new decor pieces you don't have to spend a ton of money for that just get a simple photo frame and print a picture you like or buy yourself some flowers it's liberating. But here are some home decor inspo from my polyvore!

5.Hair, Brows& Nails;
Whilst we're on the topic of change getting a haircut sometimes makes me feel like a real person again, maybe get it colored, whatever your heart desires! Do not touch your brows get someone professional to do it for you and be very specific to that person about what you want. You can thank me later. On the other spectrum you don't have to go to someone professional every time you get a mani/pedi you can easily do it at home.
Things you need for a manicure&pedicure;

1. Nailpolish remover
2.Nail file
3.Sugar scrub
4.Cuticle oil
6.Nail polish

6. And lastly I really enjoy journalling and writing stuff down in general I have too many notebooks that have everything about my life written in them ranging from poems to grocery lists but I also think it's great to write down what you're thankful for/what makes you happy and read that when you're feeling down.

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